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What does ADC mean on a HIAB?

So, firstly What does ADC mean on a HIAB? It means Automatic Duty Control (ADC), patented by Hiab, is the market’s only fully automatic duty control function. During regular operation, ADC will automatically boost the crane’s maximum capacity by around 10%.

Therefore, the capacity will return to normal if the crane registers upward pressure on the boom tip, as when digging or auguring. Also, the ADC function is always active in the background. Leaving the operator free to concentrate on the job increases productivity fully.

What is a HIAB?

Hiabs are typically used for loading and unloading containers or other industrial cargo at ports, factories, warehouses, and construction sites. These vehicles comprise a truck and hydraulic crane combined in one vehicle. To make loading and unloading cargo more efficient.

As a result, the truck’s engine powers the crane’s hydraulics, transferring the load smoothly from the vehicle to the drop point without needing an external crane hire to do the heavy lifting. This makes transporting heavy, industrial cargo incredibly efficient. The flexible arm of the crane can reach into areas that would be otherwise inaccessible to collect and deliver shipment to any location, even where access is limited.


There are two common types of HIAB transport trucks.
Rigid HIAB – A rigid Hiab is a vehicle comprising the truck, trailer, all lifting hydraulics and loading equipment, and lorry-mounted crane in one rigid structure.
Articulated HIAB – An artic Hiab is a vehicle made up of a truck with a lorry-mounted crane behind the cab. These truck-mounted lifting trucks can move around tractor units only or pull various trailers.

What can a Hiab lorry be used for?

HIAB lorries are powerful and incredibly versatile. In fact, almost everything that exists was transported using either a truck, lorry or HIAB vehicle, particularly large or heavy objects or machines, manufacturing and industrial materials, down to the basics, like food and supplies.
In particular, HIABs transport abnormal loads, which are more often construction, agriculture, landscaping, infrastructure, and energy sectors.


HIAB IN Construction

The construction sector is one of the most diverse and complex businesses, and to meet its many expectations and needs, HIAB loader cranes offer a wide range of products that have been designed with that in mind.
A heavy and Superheavy range of cranes is ideal for the construction business. At the same time, HIAB delivers precision and smooth movement operations that are key for any crane driver.


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