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Site Movements UK Transport Vehicles

Our fleet of transport vehicles includes a diverse range of vehicles, trailers and hiabs lorry mounted cranes). Our fleet includes artic and rigid varities including long reach cranes, heavy lift cranes and 4×4 vehicle mounted cranes.

Our list of Transport Vehicles include:

Arctic Hiab with various trailer

  • 82ton per metre crane

8 wheeled rigid Hiab with cheese wedge body and draw bar trailerTransport Vehicles

  • 50ton per metre crane
  • 18ton payload
  • 5ton payload on trailer

8 wheeled rigid Hiab cabin

  • 82ton per metre crane
  • 7.5ton payload

8 whelled rigid Hiab cabin with drag trailer

  • 82ton per metre crane
  • 13ton payload

8 wheeled rigid Hiab with cheese wedge body

  • 50ton per metre crane
  • 12.5ton payload

3 axel low loader with ramps

  • 26ton payload

4×4 pick up

  • 3.5 ton towing capacity

Variety of plant and flat trailers

Overall, these vehicles allow us to be productive in different ways. Each truck has a unique use that makes it helpful for certain jobs or sites. In some cases we have multiple of the same vehicle, for example, the 4×4 pickup, we own two of these because the chances are high they are needed at the same time and we do not want any of our customers going without. Also, we have lots of experience in moving loads from many sites, with all of the jobs we have assisted in this industry we can ensure that our vehicles are more than capable of moving and transporting heavy loads of lots of kinds.

Choose Site Movements UK for your load transportation

Ultimately, Site Movements UK are experts in operating vehicles allowing us to pick up any heavy load you may need moving or putting into place. We have received only positive feedback when it comes to the service we provide, all of our equipment is top of the line meaning you won’t find a better service for your heavy or wide loads in the UK! Therefore, if you are looking for transportation within your site look no further than us.

With all of the vehicles above you will be able to find one that is perfect for your load movement needs, each one specialises for certain uses making them all unique. In addition, Site Movements UK can help you choose what vehicle is best suited to your case, meaning you do not have to worry about anything other than telling us what we are dealing with! These vehicles are ready to be hired now, so just contact us today to get a vehicle to your site now!


Sitemovements UK supply the Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for transportation across the UK