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Mobile & Towable Units

We’re able to provide a range of towable units for whatever your site requirements. The compact and lightweight design of our site units means that they’re easy to transport to and from site and easy to manoeuvre around whilst on site. Our towable units are suited for use on roadside, field sites, mobile offices, toilet facilities and more.

We offer the services of towing with 4×4 vehicles for small plant and welfare units. We have a range of different units that can accommodate between 5 – 20 people. Many of our units come fully equipped with all the necessary facilities including running water, hot water, toilets and canteen accessories.

If you’re interested in finding out some more information about our range of towable units and if we have something suitable for you and your site needs, get in touch with our team today to see what Site Movements UK can do for you. We offer plant transport and haulage services across Bury, Manchester and the North West.

What is a towable Unit?

A Towable Site Unit also know as Welfare Units or Mobile Welfare unit is a big container that can have many uses. For example:Towable Unit

  • Storage
  • Portable Office
  • Recreational room
  • And more!

So, inside a unit can have lots of different uses and can accommodate a variety of uses.

Mobile & Towable Site Cabins

Site Movements UK have lots of different units to offer our clients for many occasions. We can deliver them to the site that is in need of the container. Mostly, we find lots of our customers use the containers for construction sites, giving a space for the workers to go. For instance, we have office containers for a reception for some sites, as well as room that are perfect for a team of construction workers to have their lunch.

Choose Site Movements UK for Eco Site Welfare Units

We have units that have windows, no windows, suitable for a recreational room, canteen , toilets and more! Additionally, inside of our units they are kitted out with useful technology. So, depending on the unit you choose you will be able to enjoy some luxuries. In canteen unit you will notice power to certain appliances so that workers can heat up a meal if needed.

With a variety of Units that can be used for a number of purposes, if you need a portable container that can be very useful to while you work please contact us!

Towable Unites are just one of our services that Site Movements UK offer, we also provide: HIAB Transport | Plant Transport | Wideload Escorting


Sitemovements UK supply the Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for transportation across the UK

Sitemovements UK supply Manchester &

the North West with HIABs and Cranes for transportation across the UK