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The History of Hiab Vehicles

The History of Hiab and its name are synonymous worldwide with cutting-edge load-handling products and for those within the transport industry. Hiab is an acronym for the abbreviated name of Hydrauliska Industri AB, which manufactures this type of hydraulic crane. Therefore, Hiab is often used to define any loader crane by any manufacturer, much like the word ‘Hoover’ is commonly used to describe any vacuum cleaner.

The History of HIAB

Before the invention of HIAB cranes, virtually all loading and unloading were done by raw muscle power on the backs of men. Then the HIAB company was founded by a ski manufacturer called Eric Sundin in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Eric was already familiar with the power of hydraulics as they were used in the production process at his ski factory. In 1944 Eric Sundin saw an opportunity to utilise the power offered by a truck motor to drive hydraulic cranes. His invention was born out of pure practicality. He needed something to efficiently move the heavy tree trunks he relied upon for his ski manufacturing business.

Due to his successful invention in 1944, Eric established Hydrauliska Industri AB (HIAB) to market and sold his truck cranes. It soon became apparent that his cranes constituted a far more successful business than his skies. Then the serial production of HIAB 190 started in 1947. Consequently, Hiab became one of Sweden’s first manufacturers of hydraulic-powdered loaders for tractors and trucks.

The rise of the HIAB trunk cranes

This was quickly improved and became HIAB 192, which sold nearly 13,000 units until 1964. As a result, the same Hiab method is still being used by crane operators worldwide. There next big breakthrough was the HIAB ‘Elefant’, which went on sale in 1956 that introduced today’s “knuckleboom” crane standard. Since 1944, almost half a million HIAB loader cranes have been delivered to customers in more than 120 countries. Furthermore, throughout the 70s and 80s, HIAB expanded from loader cranes to broader load handling.

Industries that utilise HIAB Transport

Hiab lorries are commonly used in the construction and logistics industries. They also transport goods and materials in ports, airports, and other industrial facilities. Here at Site Movements UK we have a range of hire transport vehicles, including Hiab transport vehicles and cranes. Our Hiab trucks are top-of-the-range, allowing our fully trained drivers to deal with and manoeuvre heavy and wide loads into other areas.

Also, our Hiab transport vehicle fleet consists of truck and crane combinations. Which can carry and move huge weights and equipment. Site Movement UK has two different kinds of Hiab transport vehicles, rigid and artic. Rigid Hiabs are more flexible, can fit into tight spaces, and can also be adapted to carry larger loads than the body allows. Artic Hiabs have the crane located behind the cab. They’re used to move units and a range of trailers.

Site Movements | Plant Transport & Vehicle hire in the UK

At our Manchester-based Hiab crane hire, we specialise in lifting, positioning and transporting goods. Our Hiab self-loading vehicles are crane mounted for crane-assisted haulage. Also, we have over 20 years of experience in the Hiab crane and plant transport industry. Our drivers operate nationwide and cover all industries like construction, building sites and plant moves. Plus, entertainment events, portable accommodation and containers.

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