Yard 1, Nelson Mill, Gaskell Street, Bolton, BL1 2QE

Towable containers in Bolton Mill

We sent over a collection of 9 x 20ft towable containers that were delivered and installed into a mill in Bolton. Our team had to deal with very limited access and height restrictions, but they were able to get the job done with the highest level of client satisfaction.

There are still numbers of old mills and textile factories buildings still standing in Bolton. These buildings were built in the Industrial Revolution until the 20th century and Bolton was a major centre of textile manufacture. However, as the industry declined Boltons large rectangular brick-built factories evolved into warehouse facilities, storage, and have even converted for residential or retail use.

20ft Towable containers Delivered

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Interestingly, 20ft shipping containers are a standard manufacturing size that is suited perfectly to various types of transportation. A 20ft container can be easily adapted to welfare cabins and represent good value for money. Thus, storage containers are perfect for domestic and general storage requirements, when safety and security are paramount.

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To sum up, in 1929 there were 247 cotton mills in the Bolton borough. There are now 163 mills (approx) listed and can be found in these districts of Bolton:
Astley Bridge | Breightmet | Bromley Cross | Crompton | Farnworth | Great Lever | Halliwell | Heaton | Lostock | Horwich | Blackrod | Kearsley | Little Lever | Darcy Lever | Rumworth | Smithills | Tonge | The Haugh | Westhoughton | Chew Moor

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Towable containers can be used for a number of purposes in many places. Towable 20ft container delivery is just one of the services that Site Movements UK offer, we also provide: HIAB Transport | Plant Transport  | Wideload Escorting. 


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