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Blackpool Site Relocation

Site Movements UK are best known for our Hiab hires and unit movement services. Another popular service available with our team is our very efficient site relocation services, like our recent Blackpool Site Relocation. As a result, you will be able to move your assets from one end of the country to another seamlessly.

So, what do Site Movements UK’s relocation services consist of? Our team and vehicles can relocate your plants, terrain and objects from one place to another without a struggle.

The general consensus of transportation and relocation services is that they are extremely expensive. On the other hand, Site Movements UK has made our mark by decreasing these costs so more customers can consider these services. So, come to us for a quote on the best deal on the market!

Blackpool Site Relocation

Site Movements UK is North West based so Blackpool was only a short drive away for us. As far as relocation projects go, this was a straightforward affair for our team. This was made easy by combining many different vehicles, such as a bulky Hiab truck and diggers.

Areas such as Blackpool often have both sand and grassy areas to consider, which can be especially difficult with unit relocations. But the SMUK team have the experience to precisely lower the crane into exactly what is needed.  In this case, the team had to help remove a roadway right next to the coast removing concrete to help change the layout.

Not only was this an eyesore it was very much in need of an update. Our team dug up this concrete and were able to transport it in order to dispose of it. Overall a simple job completed by the Site Movements team.

Transport Services at Site Movements UK

Our team are always up and down the country relocating and transporting a number of different sites and objects. If you are in need of any service all you need to do is contact the team for a quote.