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Hiab Transport

Hiab Transport UK

Here at Site Movements UK we have a range of hire transport vehicles, including Hiab transport vehicles and cranes. Our Hiab trucks are top-of-the-range, allowing our fully trained drivers to deal with and manoeuvre heavy and wide loads into other areas.

Also, our Hiab transport vehicle fleet consists of truck and crane combinations. Thus, can carry and move huge weights and equipment. Therefore, they are the ideal transport equipment to move loads in one space. Furthermore, complete transportation anywhere in the UK.

The different types of Hiab transport vehicles

We have two different kinds of Hiab transport vehicles, rigid and artic. Rigid Hiabs are more flexible, can fit into tight spaces, and can also be adapted to carry larger loads than the body allows. Artic Hiabs have the crane located behind the cab. They’re used to move units and a range of trailers. These types require a considerable amount of skill and precision by the operators.

Site Movements Diverse Fleet of HIAB Transport Vehicles

Our experienced team of Hiab transport drivers work across the whole of the North West and the UK. So, if you need any of our services, whether using our HIAB transport, wide load escorting, low loader service and more. Contact one of our team today. Our team can help advise you on which of our transport equipment would work best for your needs.


What Capabilites Does HIAB Transport Have?

HIAB trucks offer a service that nothing else can match because the vehicle is fitted with a huge and powerful crane. Therefore, HIAB vehicles can travel to locations quickly and lift whatever needs to be. Plus, transport heavy objects and loads.

Unmatched HIAB Truck Services with Powerful Crane Capabilities

Furthermore, if a load that needs to be moved is awkward, our crane can reach it from the top. Likewise, we can drop it off in a tight spot that may be only accessible from the top. Thus, making our HIAB the perfect answer!

Efficient HIAB Transport

Indeed, our Hiab fleet vehicles are a great option if you are moving expensive equipment or loads because our HIAB services are known to be very safe. Most importantly, allowing everything we carry to be in perfect condition, so we do not have to worry about a thing.

Benefits of Hiring a Hiab Transport

  • Fast service because the crane is powered by hydraulics and the lorry can easily travel to destinations around the UK
  • Very safe and reliable
  • Experienced HIAB operators allowing them to do whatever is needed
  • The HIAB lorries are top-of-the-range FASSI

What is HIAB Transport?

Heavy load site movement


HIAB is an abbreviated word for Hydrauliska Industri AB

HIAB is a large truck we own; it has a large hydraulic crane on the back. Also, the Hiab is a truck initially designed to lift, move various heavy objects and machinery, and transport goods. Furthermore, Hiabs are typically used for loading and unloading containers or other industrial cargo at ports, factories, warehouses, and construction sites. Plus, these vehicles are made up of a truck and hydraulic crane combined in one vehicle to make loading and unloading cargo more efficient.

Moreover, the truck’s engine powers the crane’s hydraulics, transferring the load smoothly from the vehicle to the drop point without needing an external crane hire to do the heavy lifting. Therefore, this makes transporting heavy industrial cargo incredibly efficient. Due to the flexible arm of the crane it can reach into areas that would be otherwise inaccessible to collect and deliver shipment to any location, even where access is limited.

Our service is excellent for loading heavy objects from the back of the truck. Also, our operators can reach long distances, with the hydraulic crane making the whole vehicle very useful!

So, if you need the work of a HIAB truck, site Movements UK is your answer; no job is too big or small.

The HIAB truck is just one of our services that you can hire; we also offer: Plant Transport  | Towable Units | Wideload Escorting

What is a Loader Crane?

A loader crane (also known as a knuckle-boom crane) is an articulated arm that’s electronically powered and is mounted to a trailer or truck. Therefore, its function is to efficiently load and unload cargo that is on a vehicle. Plus, loader cranes have jointed sections that can fold easily when not in use due to its telescopic design. Often the crane is automated up to a certain extent and can stow itself without being operated.

Indeed, most modern loader cranes which are referred to as “Hiab” due to the company inventing and introducing them to the UKs market; are equipped with a portable cabled control system to aid the crane’s hydraulic control levers. Additionally, a loader crane that’s mounted onto a chassis with wheels is called a roll loader crane. Therefore, rides and moves along on a trailer allowing more goods to be transported.

Importantly, there are three major considerations that manufacturers consider. First is the load capacity of the crane, which undoubtedly should be able to handle lifting loads its designed for. Secondly, avoid the crane from toppling over when the load is being lifted. Finally, under no circumstances should the crane rupture while loading and unloading heavy equipment and machinery.

What is the difference between crane and HIAB?

Hiab Trucks and Crane Trucks are the same thing. Hiab trucks are a type of crane truck that has a modified chassis, and the crane is mounted on it. They are commonly used in the haulage industry for the transportation of construction materials and loading and unloading of freight.

Sitemovements UK supply Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for transportation across the UK