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Hiab Transport

Hiab Transport

Here at Site Movements UK we have a range of hire transport vehicles including Hiab transport vehicles and cranes. Our Hiab trucks are top of the range which allowed our fully trained drivers to deal and manoeuvre heavy and wide loads into other areas.

Our Hiab transport vehicle fleet consist of truck and a crane combinations which can carry and move huge weights and amounts of equipment. They are the ideal piece of transport equipment to move loads one space. Or, complete transportation anywhere in the UK. We have two different kinds of Hiab transport vehicles, rigid and artic. Rigid Hiabs are more flexible and can fit into tight spaces and can also be adapted to carry larger loads than the body allows. Artic Hiabs have the crane located behind the cab. They’re used to move units and a range of trailers. These types require a huge amount of skill and precision by the operators.

Our experienced team of drivers work in Bury, Bolton, Manchester and across the whole of the North West and UK. If you’re in need of any of our services, whether that the use of our HIAB transport, wide load escorting, low loader service and more, get in touch with one of our team today. Our team will be able to help advise you on which of our transport equipment would work best for your needs.

Choose Site Movements UK for your HIAB Transport needs!

HIAB trucks offer a service that nothing else can match, this is because the vehicle is fitted with a huge and powerful crane. Therefore, HIAB vehicles are able to travel to locations quickly and lift whatever needs to be. Plus, transport heavy object and loads.

Furthermore, if a load that needs to be moved is in an awkward place our crane will be able to get to it from the top. Likewise, we can drop it of in a tight place that may be only accessible from the top. Thus, making our HIAB the perfect answer!

Our Hiab fleet vehicles are a great option if you are moving expensive equipment or loads because our HIAB services are know to be very safe. Most importantly, allowing everything we move to be in perfect condition so that you do not have to worry about a thing.

Benefits of hiring a HIAB Transport:HIAB Transport

  • Fast service because the crane is powered by hydraulics and the lorry can easily travel to destinations around the UK
  • Very safe and reliable
  • Experienced HIAB operators allowing them to do whatever is needed
  • The HIAB lorries are top of the range FASSI

What is hiab transport?

HIAB is a type of large truck that we own; it has a large hydraulic crane on the back that allows us to pick up and move various heavy objects and machinery. The service we provide is great for loading heavy objects from the back of the truck. Also, with the hydraulic crane, our operators are able to reach long distances with it, making the whole vehicle very useful!

So, if you need the work of a HIAB truck Site Movements UK is your answer, no job is too big or small.

The HIAB truck is just one of our services that you can hire, we also offer: Plant Transport | Towable Units | Wideload Escorting


Sitemovements UK supply Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for transportation across the UK