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Heavyload Escorting

A Heavyload is a vehicle or load that either weighs more than 3500KG, unable to exceed specific measurements. Thus it can be tricky to work around.

If this load needs moving then there are rules and regulations that need to be followed to make sure that everything is moved in a safe way for both the load and the public. This is where Site Movements UK comes in!

Here at Site Movements UK we have a range of heavyload escort vehicles which can be rented and hired either on their own or as part of a fully contracted load move. We pride ourselves on complying with the Highway Agency’s Code of Practice. And our fully trained drivers and load handlers are able to skillfully and safely escort the loads across the UK.


Heavyload Escorting Health & Safety

Our vehicles can be rented out locally, around Bury and the Greater Manchester area but we also rent out escort vehicles nationwide, across the whole of the UK.


If you have a heavyload of supplies or such that needs escorting or transporting, why not get in touch with one of our transport team today? Our operators are trained to the highest standard in health & safety. This means that they’re able to advise you on the best way to transport your load.


What is Heavyload Escorting?

Another service Site Movements UK offer is Wideload Escorting with specifications as simple as driver visibility. But also can be as precise as weight and height. If this is the case we are fully qualified to transport the load to our clients desired position, safely and professionally.


As you will need to follow the regulations when it comes to heavyload escorting. Our service is essential to many companies that need to transport items or goods around the country. Ultimately, if the heavyload is not handled properly, then it can be very dangerous as the load may fall and break or because of a road accident.


Site Movements UK expert Operators can Deliver your HeavyLoad.


We have very experienced vehicle operators and drivers that have all the skills and qualifications to escort your HeavyLoads throughout the UK.  Site Movements UK have a selection of Lorries that can arrive at your site to transport the load wherever it is needed!


All of our vehicles we use to escort heavyloads are fully equipped in accordance with laws on heavyload carriers. This allows our service to be carried out the best standard. So, whether you require a part or full escort you can ensure we will complete the job to the best of our ability!


Site Movements UK supply the Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for reliable transportation across the UK.

Contact us today to discuss our compliant and professional transport service for Site Movements!

Site Movements are just one of our services that you can hire, we offer so much more. For example: Plant Transports, Wideload Escorting and Towable Unit Movements.


Sitemovements UK supply the Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for transportation across the UK