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Heavy Haulage

Heavy haulage is a critical sector in the logistics industry, involving the specialist transportation of heavy equipment. More specifically this involves moving oversized loads, heavy cargo, and wide loads. This requires the use of our vehicles and specialised equipment such as lowboy trailers and heavy haul trucks.

The transportation of massive loads demands expertise, precision, and adherence to strict regulations to ensure safe and efficient delivery. Site Movements UK wants to put a spotlight on the world of heavy haulage. Specifically, detailing the challenges, technology and logistics of modern-day freight transportation.

Firstly Understand Heavy Haulage Services

Heavy haulage refers to the transportation of exceptionally large and heavy items that exceed standard size and weight limits. This specialised field requires expertise in logistics, equipment, and regulatory compliance. To ensure a successful heavy haulage operation, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of the process.

The primary challenge lies in moving oversized loads that exceed standard weight and dimensional limits. Heavy cargo often demands specialised trailers and careful planning for successful delivery.  In particular, this refers to equipment like construction machinery, industrial equipment, wind turbines, and transformers.

Safety is paramount in heavy haulage, hence the rigorous inspections of the equipment. Additionally, drivers are required to undergo specialised training to handle heavy cargo and navigate challenging road conditions. Properly securing the load and safety features are crucial to prevent shifting or damage during transit.


Planning and Coordination are made easy at Site Movements UK

Transporting heavy equipment involves meticulous planning and coordination. Factors such as the weight and dimensions of the load, road conditions, weather, and traffic patterns are all taken into account during the logistics phase. Advanced planning software assists in determining the safest paths, avoiding obstacles like low bridges, sharp turns, or weight-restricted areas.

This requires thorough planning as route optimisation is key to a successful heavy haulage project. Site Movements first assess the load’s dimensions, weight, and any potential obstacles along the intended route. We utilise advanced route optimization software to identify the most efficient path for the vehicle and load.

Effective communication and coordination are vital throughout the heavy haulage process. Share detailed route plans, permit information, and contact details to ensure everyone is well-informed and prepared. Regular communication minimises the risk of errors and facilitates a smooth transportation experience.


Specialist Heavy Haulage Vehicles

Wide loads demand extra attention, requiring specialised permits and escorts during transit to minimise disruptions to other road users. Heavy haul trucking companies often work in close collaboration with local authorities. This is in order to secure the necessary permits and organise escorts to ensure the wide loads’ smooth passage.

Lowboy trailers, also known as low bed trailers, are the backbone of heavy haulage. These trailers have a lower deck height, allowing for taller cargo and reducing the overall height of the load. The trailer’s design ensures that the load is as close to the ground as possible, mitigating any potential clearance issues.

Proper load securement is crucial for heavy haulage to prevent shifting or damage during transit. Utilise robust tie-down systems, chains, straps, and braces to secure the load firmly to the trailer. Conduct thorough inspections to ensure load stability and make necessary adjustments as required.


Compliance and Qualification won’t be a worry

Transporting heavy cargo involves navigating through a maze of regulations and restrictions imposed by various jurisdictions. For instance, every road and bridge has its own set of axle weight limits, bridge weight limits, and height restrictions that must be strictly adhered to. Heavy haulage companies must stay updated with the latest regulations and road infrastructure limitations to plan their routes accordingly.

To move oversized loads across state lines or through restricted areas, heavy haulage operators must obtain special permits. These permits outline the specific routes, times, and conditions under which the transport can occur.

Additionally, escorts may accompany the convoy to provide safety warnings, control traffic, and address any issues that may arise during transit. These measures help mitigate potential risks associated with transporting heavy cargo on public roads.

Straightforward Heavy Haulage from Site Movements UK

As established, Heavy haulage is a vital aspect of the transportation industry and one of our most in-demand services. Site Movements will be able to professionally carry out any necessary heavy cargo in the North West.

Above all, the use of specialised equipment and vehicles like lowboy trailers and heavy haul trucks will be a huge help. Along with this, we have computerised route planning and safety measures. Site Movements UK is continuously striving to overcome the challenges associated with moving oversized loads.

To get your Heavy Haulage or similar transportation projects up and running then get in touch. By informing us of your enquiry then we will swiftly have a solution and to carry out the project.