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General Haulage

Despite all of our many different specialist removal and transportation services, Site Movements UK still offer General Haulage services. In an effort to make it easy for you to run e-commerce websites, our drivers are always up and down the country delivering supplies to suppliers and customers. Our reliable team of drivers can transport your supplies and products to fulfil your expectations and timescales.

Here at Site Movements UK, we have a range of vehicles to transport a large number of goods, as well as our variety of wide load and abnormal load escort vehicles. All of our machinery and transport vehicles can be rented and hired either on their own or as part of a fully contracted load move.

Health and Safety

The drivers and operators here at Site Movements are all compliant UK Highway Agency’s Code of Practice. This ensures our fully trained drivers and load handlers are able to efficiently deliver your products with care.

Like most jobs in this industry, General Haulage can present many risks and dangers. As a result, choosing a company for your general haulage needs that keeps health and safety in mind at all times is of the utmost importance. Our operators are trained to the highest standard in health & safety which means they’re able to advise you on the best way to transport your load and carry out reliable transportation so you can keep your peace of mind.

Make General Haulage easy for you

We are known for our reasonably priced services and our quick turnarounds. With Site Movements UK, you have nothing to worry about, as general haulage is a common operation for our team. Moreover, we provide planning within the means of your budget and our team can is also there to guide you through the entire process. From start to finish.

Site Movements UK can guide you through planning and distribution processes if you aren’t too familiar. We can also take care of your General Haulage concerns and questions as we have many years in the industry!

Our vehicles are available to be rented out across Bury and the Greater Manchester area. Furthermore, we also rent out escort vehicles nationwide, across the whole of the UK.

Contact us today to discuss our compliant and professional transport service for Site Movements!

General Haulage services are just one of our services that you can hire, we offer so much more. For example: Plant Transports, Wideload Escorting and Towable Unit Movements.


Sitemovements UK supply the Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for General haulage transportation across the UK