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Escort Vehicles for transporting Abnormal Loads

escort vehicles

Escort Vehicles are the foremost requirements of many businesses to cater to their different needs & requirements. Wide load Escorts serve different purposes of businesses be it carrying abnormal loads on-site or through challenging routes or assisting in carrying out overhung vehicles on road edges.

What are Escort Vehicles?

Escort Vehicles, also known as pilot vehicles, are used for carrying heavy & wide loads, bulky shipments & more importantly, for carrying vehicles that get overhung on road edges due to accidents or breakdown of vehicles.

Escort Vehicles may ride ahead of the breakdown (primary) vehicle to navigate through the traffic or behind it to alert the traffic, ensuring smoothly passing of the traffic, and it ensures the safety of the primary vehicle in challenging road routes (narrow roads, tight sharp bends, or low bridges).

Escort Vehicles aid in alerting other road users regarding the presence of abnormal loads & ensuring that the abnormal load vehicle is safely navigating through the route.

Escort Vehicles are usually brighter in colour to make them look distinguishable & evident. They are equipped with strobes & beacons to catch the attention of motorists & breakdown vehicles for assistance.

Escort vehicles raise the alarm & ensure that the load is not left unattended on the road until assistance arrives for the safe passing of other road users.

Police Forces & Local Authorities encourage using Escorting Vehicles to carry Abnormal Loads. Many formalities are involved in this process and finding the Abnormal Load Escort Services.

Why choose Site Movements UK for Vehicle EscortIng?

At Site Movements UK, you will get the best Abnormal Load Escort Vehicles in the UK and we are based in the prime location of Manchester & our superior transport links allows us to serve you with quick service whenever you need us.

Site Movements UK is a pioneer in the Hiab cranes & plant transport industry with over 15 years of immense experience.

We supply Abnormal Load Escort Vehicles at all North West locations, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Cumbria & Merseyside.

All our Abnormal Load Escort Vehicles are compliant with relevant standards, ensuring the safety of the other road users and the primary vehicle.

At Site Movements UK, we simplify the planning procedure of carrying the abnormal load by being there with you in formalities with police forces & local authorities, which will allow a smooth carrying of the abnormal load by ensuring the route is safe and will not lead to any circumstances which can delay the delivery or damage the load leading to financial losses or risk to health & safety.

Our experienced team of drivers are fully trained to deal with all kinds of situations where escort vehicles come into use, be it carrying of breakdown vehicle or transporting an abnormal load, they provide you with best-in-class service and ease your process.

Our team of drivers operates nationwide and covers all industries including construction, plants, building sites, containers, entertainment events, portable accommodation, and more.

At Site Movements UK, our team of professionals provides our drivers with the best routes for safely carrying abnormal loads without any hindrance to the load or other road users.

We are available 24/7 if you need to hire any HIAB services by taking care of the process from start to finish. You can reach out to us via call at 0800 019 9351 or email us at [email protected]