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Drilling Rigs

Both removing and transporting Drilling Rigs can be dangerous. So it’s best you leave this to the professionals. Our HIABS and Cranes make for easy removal and safe travelling, across the whole of the UK. Our reliable team here at Site Movements UK can transport your drilling rigs, containers and more, making for a smooth transition into your new factory or construction site.

Here at Site Movements UK, we have a variety of wide load and abnormal load escort vehicles which can be rented and hired either on their own or as part of a fully contracted load move. We are also to say we fully comply with the Highway Agency’s Code of Practice. Consequently, our fully trained drivers and load handlers are able to expertly and safely relocate your drilling rigs assets.

Health & Safety

No matter if it’s water or oil, Drilling Rigs are a handful. As a result, you will need a well-organised team to move them. Our operators are trained to the highest standard in health & safety which means they’re able to advise you on the best way to transport your load.

Drilling Rigs Northwest

Our vehicles are available to be rented out across Bury and the Greater Manchester area. Additionally, we also rent out escort vehicles nationwide, across the whole of the UK.

For moving your Northwest Rigs, contact Site Movement UKs today. We are known for our HIABs and cranes for hire, so we can disassemble and re-assemble your loads safely and efficiently. This is what makes them the most effective and safest option for anything related to relocation.

Planning on relocating a Drilling Rig?

Due to the transportation of Drilling Rigs being such a technical and sometimes dangerous affair, proper planning and execution is vital. Planning within the means of regulations and your vision is essential and the Site Movements UK team can support you through the whole process.

Site Movements UK have expert Operators who can relocate your drilling rigs. As well as guide you through planning and removal/installation processes.

All of our vehicles we use to escort wide loads are fully equipped in accordance with laws on drilling rigs, allowing our service to be carried out to the highest standard. So, whether you require a part or full escort you can ensure we will complete the job to the best of our ability!


Site Movements UK supply the Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for reliable transportation across the UK.

Contact us today to discuss our compliant and professional transport service for Site Movements!

Site Movements are just one of our services that you can hire, we offer so much more. For example: Plant Transports, Wideload Escorting and Towable Unit Movements.


Sitemovements UK supply the Manchester & North West with HIABs and Cranes for moving Drilling Rigs across the UK